Google: What Does It Know About Me ?

Do you think Google keeps an eye on you? If you think it collects your information, then you must have to seek the answer to What does Google Know about me? Well, you can find your answer on this blog.

Currently, Google has become one of the members of our digital life. It’s because we have connected every step from mailing to social media sharing with Google. Hence, Google gets to know more about you than you ever think it does. Now, the important queries run in mind, how and What Does It Know About Me? The answer can vary according to the different types of Google services you use. You may be surprised after knowing the data Google collects in sheer amount. 

From the products such as Google Search, Gmail, Google Play Store, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Youtube, or Android mobile, the company collects your personal to professional data so, that they can improve their services.

Several data can answer you What Does It (Google) Know About Me? question such as

  • Personal information like name, gender, birthdate, working place, living address, mobile number 
  • Google activities like website, searches, location of the past several days, youtube search, and many more.

Here, the complete and important list is created to know you that how does Google Knows about you.  

Your Personal Information – Who are you

Google can easily draw a clear image of you due to a lot of data collection. When you create a Google account and start using Google features, it automatically starts storing your data. From your photos to videos, you can easily identify by Google.

  • Google knows your name, age, mobile number, devices you are using, gender, and your current living place.
  • Your face and physical look. During the upload on Google photos, it recognizes your face and finds out your look. Also, if you set the proper naming and photos of your family and friends, it starts recognizing their faces too.
  • If you use Google Assistant, then your voice is also saved in Google data. Whereas, it records your voice for conversation purpose.

Your interests and preferences – Google Ads Personalization

From Manage Ads settings link – , you can check that what Google thinks about your interest and preferences. The business model of Google is based on user behavior over different data or products. Hence, it easily can know about the likes and dislikes of users which create an accurate user profile and send the ads to screen. Garnering the data from Chrome, youtube, and other platforms, Google knows about your TV shows, favorite food, music, religion, places, books, shopping habits, website, sport, and many more.

To limit this information, you can turn off the “Ads Personalization” option from the Manage Ads settings page. 

Your location history – Where have you been

Google Maps works like a friend while you travel and find a place but you should know that all the location data is saved on the location history page. Here, you can see all the places, you have been visited recently or before several days. Google tracks your location through Google Maps, Google Photos, and Web & App activity features. Using photos, it analyzes the metadata and geolocation to collect more information.

To limit this information, you can turn off the location or from the Location History Page’s bottom, click on the Pause Location History button.

Your Online Activities – Google Chrome, YouTube, and other

Most of us use Google and YouTube nowadays where such a platform of Google has become an important aspect. But, it stores all the online activities that we request to Google Assistant through a smartphone, PC, or other. From Youtube Watch history or YouTube search, you can easily check the data. So, try to not search for irrelevant things that can harm you.

To limit this information, you can manage activity from Google web and Activity page. You can also use YouTube without signing in. Otherwise, use its privacy tool to control the data storing.

Is there any harm in using Google services and features?

Google never refuse that it is not collecting the user’s data however, it claims that the data is collected only to provides better services so that user can experience best with Google. You can check the Privacy “Your Data” page explaining that it tracks your activities and data from name to IP address and more. Google services are indeed collecting data only for your ease of getting more information.

Google promises that

  • Your data will be safe during any transit.
  • Due to cloud infrastructure, data cannot be shared with govt.
  • Your data won’t sell to anyone.

For now, you must have understood how and what does Google know about you, and even after knowing, you can enjoy Google Services.

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