Why Google knows so much about you

Are you aware that Google knows about you? If yes, then why Google knows so much about you? The answer to this question for users can be surprising. 

Many users think that they are still getting a lot for free by using Google Service. Then what’s the problem? It should be discussed deeper about the data collection by companies like Google. Let’s jump to the conversation and find out what and why Google knows so much about you.

What does Google know about you?

Since 2009, Google has improved its services day by day that most of us like. It’s because, after just one search or creates an account to Google, we get everything we need on our screen. How does Google know this much about you? Well, the answer is simple; Data Collection. After you create an account for Google and start searching for anything through Google services or apps, it starts collecting your personal data. From your location to your images or messages to your system IP address, Google keeps an eye on you. It’s the reason that Google finds your interests and preference and shows on your screen. It collects your personal details, Home and Office Address, YouTube or Chrome search, contact, images, and many more.

Now if your activities are getting stored in Google, then why does it knows so much and collect your data?

The answer is here,

Many of us get scared after knowing that each activity is saved in Google. But you must calm down yourself because it’s legal.

At first, know what is Eco System of Google –

Google collects your data, it has the reason – its ecosystem. Google has more than 2 billion active users and the number is increasing every day. The Ecosystem of Google includes three main components;

  1. Customers – You and me who use Google for different goals.
  2. Advertisers – Who pay Google to show an advertisement to users?
  3. Google services – Its own services like Calendar, Maps.

Google simply collects our personal data and advisers pay to Google for providing accurate data to then. Then, when we use any of Google services, the advertisements are shown on our screen. Think about it, why do you get only those advertisements on your screen that you seek mostly. The data Google is collecting accurately from us is very efficient and profitable for Advertisers. After all, nothing is free of cost in this world.

Is collecting data by Google is legal?

You should read Google’s full privacy disclosure where all the terms are included. Google is not doing anything illegal, as it openly says that the user’s data is collecting. Our valuable data is very profitable for Google for Ads.

Can I Stop Google from collecting my data?

If you are the one who gets worried about such questions, then you can control your activities from being collected. You can pause the Google activity control from “Activity Controls” option by logging in to Google account. It also saves you financial details like credit cards, PayPal, and more. You can go to https://pay.google.com/payments/home#paymentMethods and pause and delete the details. Stopping to use Google services can make you trouble because Google help uses in everything but if give less personal information, the data won’t be shared with the rest of the world.

Conclusion – 

Google knows much about you because it collects data from your activities on Google apps and services. Then, it shows you the ads and searches related to your interests. It makes users easy to find out what they want. Nothing is free of Cost. You are giving your personal data; Google is providing you products and services according to your interest. And Advertiser pays Google for these ads you watch on your screen. Hence, Google has your every personal and non-personal information and it knows you more than you think it does. 


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